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Family Medical Doctors

Internal Medicine, Primary Care & Urgent Care located in New Port Richey, FL

FAMILY MEDICAL DOCTORS is a premier Internal Medicine practice focused on Comprehensive Primary Care and Urgent care since 1984. In early 2021, FMD opened a brand new state of the art facility- modern, airy and energy efficient, designed to improve comfort and well-being of staff and patients. For our patients' convenience, we offer many in-house services like Blood Draw, Lab, X-ray, EKG, Ultrasound, ECHO, Holter, Pulmonary Function Test, Sleep Study, Oxygen, Joint Injections, Skin Biopsy and removal of skin lesions.


State of art, evidence and value based medicine with compassion, respect and trust to improve the health and well-being of our patients.


FMD is committed to provide patient-centric, highest quality medical care with compassion, empathy and humility by competent and experienced doctors and staff in a friendly, pleasant and warm environment.

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We consider our staff and patients to be an integral part of our growing family. For compassionate, comprehensive and committed health care, call FMD, stop by our facility to meet staff and doctors or book an appointment using this link.


FMD is the premier PRIMARY CARE and URGENT CARE medical practice established in PASCO county, since 1984.
Dr. Bharat Desai, M.D., board-certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine, started his medical practice in New Port Richey in 1984. His son, Dr. Nilesh Desai, M.D., board-certified in Internal Medicine joined him in 2012.

FMD has been growing by leaps and bounds, from word of mouth, testimonials and reviews by our satisfied patients. We quickly outgrew our small office, so we built and moved into a new state of the art facility in 2021.
Jean Chiang, ARNP in 2020 and Dr. Cordero, M. D., board-certified in Internal Medicine joined our family in 2021.


Patients first is our mantra.
Patients' physical and emotional health and well-being is our primary goal at FMD.
We listen to your problems and concerns and address them appropriately.

After thorough history and examination, we arrive at probable diagnosis, consider differential diagnosis and then formulate the management plan that may include further testing, medications and referral to a specialist. We will discuss pros/cons of each intervention with you and then we will make joint decisions together as a team about further management. We will give our recommendations but will never force our decisions/beliefs on you.

You trust your health and life to us and we value and guard that trust with passion.
We fight for you rather than fight with you.


Everyone at FMD is treated like a family member with respect and love.
Our name- Family Medical Doctors and LOGO are emblematic of our commitment to that.


We, at FMD, take a holistic approach and treat a person rather than the disease. We consider each person as an individual and consider his/her culture, value and beliefs in making our recommendations/decisions. At FMD, you will always have a polite, friendly and helpful staff member/ Doctor who treats each person as an individual.


Compassion and Empathy is ingrained into our DNA/culture at FMD.
We treat everyone with dignity, respect and love.


All the compassion and humility is not enough unless you are treated by competent and experienced Doctors and staff.
All our Doctors/ARNP/PA are held to the highest standards of quality and competence.
All Doctors are board certified and have more than 10 years of experience.
We keep up to date with current medical knowledge and practice evidence and value based medicine.
We focus on comprehensive history and physical examination rather than tests.
We believe in minimal intervention and non-pharmacological treatment.
We will order a test or medication only after carefully weighing benefits, risks and costs.


We provide Comprehensive Primary and Urgent Care that include Labs, X-Ray, EKG, Ultrasound, ECHO, Holter, PFT, Sleep Studies, Joint injections, etc.

Our urgent Care is open now.
Hours: Mon -Fri 8 AM - 5 PM — Sat-Sun 9AM -3 PM.
We are considering adding more services like wound care, infusion care etc in future.

The team at FMD provides comprehensive chronic disease management of common medical conditions including Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart/Vascular Diseases, COPD, Asthma, Sleep apnea, Arthritis, Cancer Screening, Preventive Care and many more.


We believe the accessibility to timely health care is important in a community.
FMD is committed to provide easy accessibility.

Appointments are given on the same day if needed, depending on the urgency of the medical condition. Phone calls are answered promptly and all messages are taken care of on the same day.

Walk in/Urgent care is available 7 days a week for emergency/urgent care needs.
Our urgent Care Hours: Mon -Fri 8 AM - 5 PM . Sat/Sun 9AM -3 PM.
Twenty four hour answering service is available for after hour needs. The On-call Provider will respond promptly to your needs.If you don't get a response within fifteen minutes, please call again.

For life threatening emergencies, please call 911.

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Words from our patients

  • Healthgrades

    "Dr. Desai and his staff treat her like family and attend to her complicated medical needs."

  • Healthgrades

    "If your tired of MDs who do not listen, do not take time with you and explain medical conditions and procedures then Dr. Desai is who you want."

    Laurie M.
  • Vitals

    "Dr. Nilesh Desai is so caring and wonderful! I highly recommend him and his entire staff!"

    Self-verified patient
  • Healthgrades

    "I have been seeing Dr. Bharat Desai for 3 tears now, and I feel that he is the best PCP that I have had in the last 15 years."

    Ron S.
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