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We provide a multitude of outpatient services right in our clinic. Services included blood draws, EKGs, joint and trigger point injections, vaccines, PFTs, skin biopsies and much more. We also have brand new state of the art equipment to help provide you with the best possible care possible. Below are examples and further details on some of the services we provide. 

Blood Draws

We will be providing the convenience of blood draws at our facility for our Medicare Advantage Plan members. The blood will then be safely sent to the laboratory for analysis and reports will be sent back for us to review with you.


An EKG or Electrocardiogram is a test done to measure the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time. It is used to evaluate the heart's function and size as well as look for possible damage. We will have an EKG machine located at our facility in order to provide timely evaluation of the heart if the need arises.


The PFT or Pulmonary Function Test is done to evaluate the ability of the lungs to not only inhale and exhale but also to evaluate for any obstructive or restrictive lung disease. This test is especially useful in those patient's with Asthma or COPD. This test will be provided to our patient's in clinic without having to go to another diagnostic facility.


We will have the seasonal influenza vaccine on site readily available starting Oct 1st every year. We will also provide prescriptions for the pneumonia, shingles and tetanus vaccines if they are deemed necessary.  

Skin Biopsies

If needed, superficial skin biopsies can be performed in our clinic for those with suspicious lesions needing further evaluation. If the lesion is located on the face, we may send you to a dermatologist to reduce any risk for scarring. 

Joint/Trigger Point Injections​​


We will be able to to inject steroids and/or numbing medication into certain joints or certain muscles in patients with arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis or trigger points.


We are currently not doing bedside echocardiograms but will be sending our patients to an affiliate cardiologist who will provide this service. Echocardiograms use ultrasounds to obtain an image of the functioning heart. It allows us to assess many different parameters of the heart including its strength, valves and pressures.


Not only are we able to do special ultrasound studies of the heart, we are also able to ultrasound many other parts of the body as well. This is a non-invasive way to look inside the body without exposure to radiation and high costs that come with X-rays, CT scans and MRIs


We are able to do on site x-rays in order to obtain imaging of concerning areas of the body quickly and safely. 

Patient Portal

We now offer online access to your own personal health page where you can access your labs, request refills on your medications and send us direct messages that we check daily. This is a new offer and we will help you set up your page the next time you come in to see us!


To acesses your Patient Portal click HERE

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